I have endometiosis cyst . Iwant to concieve and get rid of it.. plz help me suggest me best cure... is surgery is necasasory?

How can i concieve with endometriosis cyst 5.6 cm... i hv taken lots of treatment but didnt concieve. Every doctor ask me to go with surgery option. But i dont want surgery.. what should i do.. plz helo me.. is there no posibility for concieving with endometriosis.?

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  • Hello....hmmm, tricky one this. Everyone and their disease is unique in the sense of their pain/fertility. Therefore someone with a tiny amount of Endo may struggle with pain and infertility but someone else with more advanced disease might have no symptoms. Endometriosis can/likely be progressive so I wouldn't take any chances, I would get the cyst removed surgically if offered the chance. Lots of ladies have to fight to get surgery and it is the gold standard treatment. In my opinion, it's worth it. Like with any surgery, the younger you are, the better you recover. Makes sense to have surgical intervention sooner, rather than risk your symptoms getting worse over time. Do you mind if I ask...Are you frightened of surgery? Have you seen a gynaecologist and been given options regarding your fertility/treatment? It may be worth discussing your situation in depth with your GP as they may be able to help reassure you in terms of expected outcomes/pain etc. Feel free to post any questions on here; this forum provides a great support network! Unfortunately there's no magic pill or potion that will help with endo and fertility- the treatment is pretty black and white. Xx

  • Have the surgery, sooner rather than later. Your fertility declines with age remember. So do everything you can now.

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