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contraceptive implant failed?

Hi Ladies,

Looking for a little bit of advice, I have my second implant in which was helping to control my endo symptoms, I was still in pain but just not as bad as it is now, a little over 2 weeks ago I started cramping....the worst I have in a very long time then a few days later I started spotting (sorry for the tmi) by the Monday I was bleeding excessively. This is the first time in 5 years that I have had a first proper period and OMG it was a shock to my system as I think I lulled myself in to a fall sense of security.

So I suspect that my implant has 'failed' went to my GP and asked for it to me removed but they told me that as I am waiting on my gynae appointment that they don't want to be hasty and intervene (even though I am in pain) and that I was being silly the implant can't fail as its only been inserted for 2 years. Do you ladies think this sounds right feeling exhausted all the time would just love to have some energy and zest back.

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Hi, I had the implant a few years ago and it didn't work I was in constant agony. I also has a coil fitted when I went for my first lap in 2015 after years of suffering and that didn't work either. When you see your gynae have you considered the depo injection? I went to see my gynae in January and although I don't have kids yet we discussed keeping my fertility intact and stopping my periods until I finish my degree. Up to now I have had no pain, period or PMS and actually feel like I have energy. X hope you get sorted soon x



Will give it a try as right now i would try anything i am so close to finishing uni and my gp suggested referring but imo thats not an oprion.

Thanks for reply xx


I once had an implant. I'm assuming a coil or merina removed at A and e as it was causing me too much pain 6 days after agonythey just took it out there and then. Try a and e. Ps it don't hurt at all having it removed and over in 2 seconds. Might be worth a try maybe!? Hugs 🤗


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