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I'm 35. Been diagnosed with endo since 18. Here's my problem..for past 2 years been having random shooting (electric) type things through my womb?? Gynae last year had no idea!!! Then last August I was rushed by ambulance with CHRONIC pelvic pain (felt like cervix area..under bottom lap scar) no scans were done or xrays...I was given morphine and sent home! Since then I have now got a VIBRATING womb? And vibrating left ankle??? I also bleed on passing (number 2)? During cycle...last week saw Gynae again...guess what! They have never come across this before....I'm lost. Fed up and want to know what on earth in August for my massive chronic pelvic pain and now.vibrating in womb and left ankle....all help and ideas welcomed pleeaasse

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Bleeding when passing number 2 is rare with endo however from what I've read on here and my experience it seems pretty common, but only during menstraution. You should really vouch for surgery, if you're in the UK go to your GP and ask to be referred to a BSGE centre. Go on the BSGE sit to look for a location near you, they have endo speacilsits.

Vibrating pain is almost always due to nerves, think about how when you stub your toe it throbs? When your nerves have pressure on them they'll vibrate to relieve it or to tell you something's wrong. I get it in my urethra during my periods.


Thank you...yes I'm leaning towards nerve damage or something on my nerves. Never heard of this endo specialist site..having a look now. Thank you...I'm at my wits end!!!


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