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Decapeptyl injections

Hi ladies have a gynie appointment today to be told I have to have decapeptyl SR injections for 3 months. I've had endometriosis and also had a hysterectomy 4 years ago but they think I have it from belly button to rectum. I have my ovaries as I have had two strokes on the pill so I am not allowed any HRT. My questions are has anyone had these injections? What were the side effects like for you and what happens once the course is finished as I'm lead to believe that these injections are only a temporary measure. Thanking you x

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I have no experience of these injections but I just wanted to comment that you do not have to have any particular treatment unless you are happy to do so. There will be benefits to having it, of course, and that's why your doctor will be suggesting it but undoubtedly there will also be side effects. It's whether the benefit outweighs the side effects.

I only say all this because I felt I HAD to try the Mirena coil. I wasn't pressured at all but I knew it was the next thing to try and I was worried how it would be perceived if I said no. Now I wish I had said no because I hated it and I'm having to wait longer than I'd like for removal. I think there's a lot to be said for trusting your own instincts about treatments. So please don't feel you have no choice. X

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Thanks for reply. I am going to see my doctor Friday as I dont feel I will benefit from them and seems to me that are just prolonging having an op to have endo taken out. I realise it comes back but suppressing it then waiting for it to regrow in months to come when the side effects seems too much for it too start over again. Id rather put up with severe pain and know why it is.My last op was 10 years ago so would prefer that ever 10 years! I had the coil years ago but didnt like it either and like you said I should have spoken up as it was something I never wanted and never worked infact caused pain. Hope they take it out soon x

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Hi, I am 6 and a half weeks on a 3 month decapeptyl injection. Yes I am counting to when it's out of my system. I am not experiencing too many side effects at the minute but the first few weeks I struggled. I got headaches for the first few weeks and had to get pain meds of the doctor. I then got quite bad depression for about a week like nothing I have ever experienced before.

I havent been to bad since then but in the early hours of most the mornings I get awful sweats which wake me up early which in turn makes me tired during the day. What has helped me is that I started a new job I love shortly after getting the jab and my family have started to help me around the house. Every cloud has a silver lining.All the same I am looking forward to getting it out of my system, I am 36 and have had severe endo symptoms for around 6 years, those symptoms aren't to bad at the minute, I was bleeding 3 weeks a month, I did have a really heavy bleed after getting the jab but only slight spotting here and there since. I have put on a slight bit of weight but am hoping to shift it sooner rather than later.

I am hoping that when the decapeptyl is out of my system we can try for a baby, doctors reckon it our best bet.

I hope I haven't terrified you, everybody reacts differently to the jab, best of luck with your decision, there are pros and cons to all medicines hopefully you get more of the pros.


Thanks for replying. Its the depression side and headaches that I'm concerned about as I had hysterectomy at 36 as I have always had problems from the age of 12 so I shouldn't get the bleed.

Good luck with pregnancy. On a good note I conceived after I had my endo operation. X


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