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Im new here, how do i go about pushing at the doctors for follow up tests?

Hi, I've been going to the doctors for the last few years for symptoms relating to endometriosis. Nothing has been diagnosed apart from it being a 'chronic illness' although my new doctor seems to think that's what it is. However, i had a laparoscopy in 2014 which came back clear but ever since then Ive struggled even more with the symptoms. Has anyone been diagnosed with endo after a second laparoscopy and how did you push for getting a second one? I feel i am at my wits end with trying to get a diagnosis :( Thank you for your time x

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Probably far more women fail to be diagnosed at a first lap than are. The problem is that gynaecologists are obstetricians so will often tend to look only at the ovaries and tubes when the most common location for endo is behind the uterus and can easily be missed. What you need to do is build a case based on your symptoms. For example any combination of IBS symptoms, bowel/bladder problems, pain with sex, lower back/leg pain can suggest missed disease. Everyone in the UK has a right to a second opinion and in England you can choose where you go. However, if you should have clear symptoms suggestive of deep endo being missed you would need referral to a specialist endo centre whevever you are in the UK and your GP would have to be prepared to categorically confirm on your medical record that you don't have endo before refusing a referral, which few would be prepared to do.

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Thank you for getting back to me. These are some of the exact syptoms that i suffer from. My new doctor seems more determined to find out what is wrong and sent be for an ultrasound and blood test which both came up clear but they seem reluctant on putting me for a second lap because of the first one coming back clear. This gives me hope that i can ask about being referred. Thank you so much for your help :)


i had endo confirmed only after second lap. i had endometrial cyst removed first time and six months later i had pain on the other side so vent back for second lap and they confirmed endo. i am looking at fifth surgery soon too.


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