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Endo in anus??

Does anyone know if have any experience of endo growing in the anus? I have been in awful pain for a few weeks and all the GP did was give me cream and suppositories I've already been using with added steroids. I have endo confirmed in uterus, bowel, bladder, urethra, pouch and pelvic peritoneum!

I do have an appointment Monday but wondered if anyone had any advice xx


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I had superficial endo on my rectum which was removed during lap in April although still get alot of pain. :(


I had endo in my pouch of Douglas which caused terrible complications with my rectum. After ever bm I was left in agonising pain that would last for hours and I would bleed profusely from my bum. Just sitting down sometimes would create enough pain that I would burst into tears. The endo was so severe that it had caused my rectum to stretch and narrow which caused the rather gruesome symptoms down below. The rectal pain and problems could be being caused by the other areas of endo you have. Once I had my surgery, my bm returned to normal and the pain diminished. Good luck with your appointments on Mon xxx


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