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Stage 4 - Surgery on the way!


I have been diagnosed with severe endo 2 weeks ago after my lap & dye back in Oct and i have the surgery in a few months. I'd really appreciates hearing about other people's experiences before and after surgery from the dectapeptyl injection to the recovery... what am i walking into?

Give me the good bad and ugly - also, has anyone been able to conceive naturally since their op?

Thanks in advance xxx

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Me too. I have had endo for years have had 2 laparoscopies I have stage 4 endo it's all a mess and told I will be needing full pelvic clearance bowel resection and ureteric stents . I wills tart solace X soon. I am lucky I have 2 children one by natural conception the other by I ivf when I was 42. I've been told I will prob need a temporary colostomy. I really don't want this or go thru major surgery when at 48 I mmay naturally go into menopause soon and zoladex X could see me thru. I think if u are trying to conceive and are young then go for removing as much endo as possible. Good luck xxxx

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