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Is this a normal process for BSGE..?! Help!

Hello Ladies,

I posted previously about waiting for blood results to be compared against my MRI I had after my first appointment at the BSGE Hospital I am now under.... that was back in December & I have now finally, after MUCH chasing & frustration received the follow-up letter... I was expecting I would be asked to go for another appointment, but instead the letter just says that they would like to offer me a laparoscopy during which they will treat any minor endo & should anything more invasive be found at the time, they will book me another procedure for after this...

I know it's good news that I will be getting another lap to have a look, but I've only ever had 1 appointment at the hospital (and since then my pain has progressively gotten worse :-( ) & it just feels bit unnerving.... just unsure I suppose... previously I have always had a follow up before the op to say what they will do etc (these have all been in General Gynae)....

In-between all the waiting I actually found that the Specialist operates in a private clinic & managed to book an appointment, but I am unsure whether to just cancel it or go anyway.. probably be a waste of time & Money!! Also petrified of having an op in a General Hospital, as all my previous ones have luckily been at private (through NHS) & they treat you like royalty!!

Please give me some reassurance!!!!!!

Sorry for such a long post xx

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First off I'd say go to private appt with specialist as I've done a mix and match of NHS and private since I got referred to a bsge clinic. You just get more time at private one and you definitely see that specialist - NHS can be a bit hit and miss with specialists or one of their team......

Take copies of everything with you as they won't be able to access NHS notes.

On the hospital I can't help as I'm same as so far been seen in private hospitals but I feel that the right surgeon is more important now. Also I've booked into a convalescent home which is basically a private hospital for a few days after my laparoscopy so I have that nicer comfy care for a while. Maybe you could see if that's possible too.

Good luck


Sorry for such a late response!

I've managed to since get hold of the Endo Specialist Nurse who was lovely & really helpful, so I've decided to cancel the specialist appointment for someone more needy!

The home sounds interesting - will have to have a look into that :-) also a bit nervous as I will be travelling an hour home after the op, so something might be useful!! :-s

Thank you x


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