I have not been diagnosed with endo but I am 95% I do have endo.

Gynie has referred me to a general surgeon which he wants me to have a coloncospy. Just wondering has anyone had this done? And I take it there is no way of them seeing endo on the bowel.

Also gynie has referred me to a haematologist because my groin lympnodes have been swollen on groin scans.

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  • Hi I'm having a colonoscopy. On 7th March. It won't detect any endo unless it has penetrated fully into bowel which is very rare. It's more likely to rule out other causes. Good luck.

  • Thank u. U too. Have u been diagnosed with endo?

  • Yeah 2 1/2 years ago after suffering for nearly 30 years. Had TAH and BSO last March. Six months later pain came back only worse than before and consultant admitted he hadn't touched the endo on bowel. The reason for my colonoscopy is that about six weeks ago I developed severe diarrhoea that hasn't stopped and what appears to be bleeding from further up. I personally don't think they will find anything.

  • Ah bless u. I hope u get sorted

  • You too.

  • I've had three now!!! There was no evidence on my first and second but areas where it had penetrated on my third. Think mines predominately on the outside of my bowel which was located during an extra incision during my lap.

    The procedure itself is ok and interesting as you see it all happen, it's the cleansing sachets you have to have beforehand which are not pleasant !

    It's good you have someone who is using all avenues!

    Good luck 😉

  • I've also had it done - it's not pleasant but it's over relatively quickly and it is vital that they check the bowel and rule out other bowel conditions, especially if you have bowel symptoms or rectal bleeding. Mine was clear which helped point them in the direction of endo.

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