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Phantom ovary pain?

Hi- I had my right ovary removed on 8th December for the past week, since ovulation I've had a sharp pain, about 2cm from my excision scar, deep inside. It has been constant since then, hurts when I move, if I lay on that side. I'm worried there could be something wrong- is it just adhesions/scar tissue? I don't want to ring the GP as I feel like I'm always bothering them! Just worried as I'm due on next week & I know my pain will be even worse!

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It could be scar tissue or endo that is still there since your still cycling.

However there's also a theory that if you cut off a leg, a person can still feel it after there due to nerves and the connection to your brain. When you ovulate you Fallopian tube and ovary move (from my understanding), your body could simply be repeating this because of the nerves. However if your still cycling it is a good idea to get it checked out.

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