Endometrioma and cysts

So a few weeks ago I had ago transvaginal ultrasound that showed a large endometrioma in my right ovary. The gynaecologist said it would need operated on and I was already waiting for surgery for my endometriosis. She seemed very certain it was an endometrioma but last week I saw another gynaecologist leading up to surgery who said it seemed unlikely that an endometrioma would develop within the last 7 months (my last surgery was last June). He said it's not impossible but he thinks it's a functional cyst and that it could just disappear.

I wondered if anyone here had some insight because I'm a little confused? The other gynecologist seemed certain that it's an endometrioma and that endometriosis may have been missed if it was in my ovary during surgery. I'm in a lot of pain around my ovary area which is different to my other endo pain.

I'd be so grateful for any insight!

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  • I had a lap in April '15, then 4 months of Prostap, then by Feb '16 I had an 8cm endometrioma again and I know it wasn't there at the time of my lap the previous April. It is possible. I know from experience how horribly painful large endometriomas can be X

  • Hi I had an endometrioma on my right ovary that was 6cm and non on my right then 6 weeks later I was rescanned and it was still there but had one on my left and 4 weeks later when I had my lap my left cyst had grown to 13cm so they grow quickly xx

  • I was told I was developing a cyst a few months ago, it was small, only a couple of cm. Most recent scan shows it's gone. So it must have been functional.

    However in the past I had a 6cm one that kept growing and had to come out.

    If it isn't big could wait a month or two. I was on visanne which may have helped if it wasn't functional.

    Best wishes

  • They can tell on an ultrasound whether it's a 'normal' cyst or not, so if they said it was an endometrioma then I'd say they're correct.

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