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If I was pregnant would the endo lesions that I have on my bladder effect my bladder and therefore HCG levels in my urine? GP unhelpful


I was diagnosed with endo on my bladder, amongst other areas, but worst on my bladder.

I was wondering, given the location of my lesions and effects that it has on my bladder usually, if I was pregnant would the endo effect my bladder and therefore hcg levels in my urine?

I ask because I have all symptoms of pregnancy except a positive test and whenever I see a doctor about my endometriosis usually they have very little understanding so want to have at least a bit of information before I go and see them about this.

My current gp, which i moved to because i moved house are really unhelpful in every way and the last time I went the young GP even googled issues which gave me no confidence whatsoever and i asked for provera he didn't even know what it was for goodness sake. I find my endometriosis hard enough to deal with sometimes without GP having little or no knowledge about the condition, if i can go into the surgery with some information then i can at least possibly get them to listen if hcg levels would be effected in my case by lesions to the bladder. then perhaps they can test appropriately.

Thank you in advance for any advice received.


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HI I Have endo on my bladder too aswell as othe places but I have been to doctors loads bur there is nothing they can give u to prevent problems you should take the pills because that helps .


I'm not after anything to help as such i just wonder whether it effects the results of pregnancy tests. Because bladder endo is rare and given the limited knowledge of Gp about the condition I know when I ask they will just have the usual blank look on their face.

But I agree the tablet they have me in the past worked


No it shouldn't effect a pregnancy test result that's what my surgery has told me .


Thank you so much for answering never spoken with any one else that has bladder endo...good to get advice about it x


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