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Pain everyday for 3 weeks

Hi all, just wondering if anyone has experienced the same thing or can shed any light on this, I know endo can be unpredictable and we all have good months and bad months but recently I've been in pain everyday for about 3 weeks now. I'm on the mirena coil and my bleeds are a bit all over the place sometimes I bleed for 2 weeks but 3 weeks ago I bled for 4 days then it stopped and I've had pain ever since, it varies day to day from being mild to bad but it's always there and I almost feel like my body is trying to have a period but can't?

I have a cyst on the left ovary and I keep feeling a pulling sensation on that side and pain running down my left leg. Stomach tender to touch and slightly distended even bending over is painful and headaches are almost daily.

I've got a ultrasound in 3 weeks to see if my cyst has changed so I don't think their is any point going back the doctors right now because I know how it will go but I seem to get an anxious fluttery feeling in my chest and i thought it was palpitations but I can't really tell which correlates with my pain and if I feel rough but it makes me panic, any ideas on how I can ease this?

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Sorry you're having so many problems. I know it's not much help but if you have to wait for a scan you prob just have to wait it out. If it helps to know you're not alone I'm in a similar position mirena not really working and strings missing so can't just be whipped out! a cyst on my ovary, got to wait for my next gynae appt which will prob be April! My doc gave me naproxen for pain, so maybe you could go ask for something like that? I find it a bit hit and miss if i'm honest it doesn't always take the pain away, but i'm trying to pop the pills forget about it so I don't worry myself silly. Hope you can get through the next few weeks until your scan.


Thanks for replying! Yes you are right I will just wait it out hey said if it's still there or grown any bigger I will be referred to gynae, this cyst wasn't there during my lap last year so it's obviously happened since then. It's just sometimes my mind takes over and I panic, deep down we know it's endo but then you think the worst. Hopefully we can get some peace of mind and be pain free soon!


I do know what you mean I only had my lap in Nov, and I've seen pics of my ovaries with no cyst, and less than three months later a cyst. I feel like it's a never ending cycle of pain and more problems. And it easy to stress and worry, somedays I can't shake myself up enough to get on and feel miserable and cry, but if i can just get myself motivated to do something i enjoy cycling, swimming, shopping i can usually distract myself enough to not make it worse by constantly thinking it over. I hope you get some answers and the cyst has gone or at least not got worse. Do something nice for yourself we all deserve that once in a while :)

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Thank you! That is good I know worrying can just make you feel worse, I have recently took up yoga and I really enjoy it, definitely makes me feel good anyway. Fresh ginger tea is a life saver also. Hopefully we'll have answers soon!


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