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Hi all, I have been recently diagnosed with endometriosis however have been suffering for 6 years. I now need surgery but told due to emergency c-sections it will be more complex. My cervical wall has fused on to my vagina wall which will need to be removed whilst in surgery, I am concerned about the recovery time and the pain. I have two young boys and a partner who can't have loads of time off. Any a dive would be great.

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I mean cervix has attached to vagina wall.


Make sure you are being seen by BSGE clinic and that they excise endo to give you the best treatment option

Its hard to say on recovery times as everyone is different and same is true for pain levels. Hopefully you won't be too bad and after a few days of complete rest manage to be doing some small bits from there on. I've had 2 laps, but both for ablation so not as good, or as long a recovery, and was off work for 2 weeks and then back on phased return. I just remember being really tired and not able to do much but I could at least cook myself a microwave meal and make a cup of tea from day 2 onwards.


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