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Does anyone get the same symptoms as me: I have not been diagnosed.

I have had pubic bone pain (swollen) for nearly 2 years now. I have been on the yasmin pill for 3 months it has stopped the barb wire feeling that I got a week before period (ovulating), week on period and week after. But I still get pain all over pelvic area, numbness down my legs and feet.

Also I have stomach bloating/ uncomfortable stomach every day. I also have two points the sides of my belly button which are sore pain.

And it makes me feel absolutely drained. All I want to do is sit, which only makes it more uncomfortable, and I get a numb bum and bottom of back.

Gynie wants me to be on yasmin pill for 6 months in total been on it 3 months so far. Due to see her again in may time.

I am seeing this Friday a general surgeon because my groin lympnodes have been swollen on two scans Ive had. Has anyone else had this too?



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