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Endometriosis on my uretha

I have just undergone my 2nd laproscopy last week and have been told that I need to have a 3rd operation as they have found endometriosis on my uretha which runs the risk of closing up the tube. Has anyone else had this and had the operation as it seems that this one is more serious that my other two as they need to have a urologist there in case they need to insert a catheter?

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Have had endo on uretha so they had to be careful at lap and hyster. During hyster they inserted stents for the op to keep the tubes open and all went fine. I had a catheter after each one overnight anyway - I think that is pretty normal.

Try not to worry as it is good they want urologist there.


I assume this is in a BSGE accredited endo centre?


Hi Lindle,

Yes it is through my hospital and they have a great endo centre.


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