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Reoccuring pain after excision

I had excision surgery and a myomectomy to remove two large fibroids in November and I recovered really well post surgery. I had three periods in quick succession but they were all much lighter, shorter and less painful than previously. I wasn't experiencing much pain at all during other times in my cycles either.

I returned to work in early January and feel like I'm back at square one. I'm an Early Years teacher so my job is very active - lots of standing, lifting, bending and stretching. I'm spotting in between periods and my cycles length has gone from at least 30 days to about 20 days. I'm also having the same levels of pain as I did prior to surgery throughout my cycles.

I honestly feel utterly defeated by the whole thing. I had a fight to get the excision surgery as I live in North Wales where only diathermy is carried out. Eventually I got to a wonderful surgeon over the border and had really high hopes that this would work for me. My husband and I have been TTC for 3 years and I've been told that this surgery will boost our chances of conceiving naturally (we're on the list for IVF too), but I really hoped it'd help with the pain too. Significant surgery was carried out on my uterus but there was no mention of adenomyosis.

Has anyone experienced a return of pain a couple of months later? Has it subsided in time?

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Hi discobec, I had my excision surgery last April. I had severe endometriosis and my bowel was stuck to my ovary and womb. I didn't have a period for three months after my op due to the decepetyl injection which I needed pre op, but amazingly I got pregnant in July 2016 a few months after my op before I'd got my first period. I must of ovulated at some point without realising. We too like you had been trying for ages with no success. Im 38 and don't have any children. Sadly I misccarried at 7 weeks. We were totally gutted and have been trying ever since with no luck. Since then my periods have been very light and short, only lasting 1-2 days. They were pain free for the 3-4 cycles and I thought, wow...i could live with this, it had all been worth it. But unfortunately, I have noticed the pain creeping back again. Funnily enough last month the pain wasn't too bad again so I'm waiting to see what happens this month. My cycles have totally changed and I don't know if that is due to the excision op, the hormone treatment or the miscarriage. I have spoken to some woman who have had their endo excised and for some it hasn't made any difference to the pain and others feel much better. Endo totally sucks. I do feel for you and hope you are successful conceiving xx


Hi sorry to hear this but i am in the same boat as you. I had excision surgery for stage 4 at the end of nov. I have the same excrutiating hip, back, leg pain everyday as i had before. They are telling me it cant be endo because its all gone. This is the same pain which i diagnosed myself with endo. It still puts me to bed with my period and ovulation. I still feel i have endo. I feel like my only next option is birth control which makes me feel suicidal...defeated is the word.

Have you had your follow up yet? x


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