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So upset!! :(

Hi all I don't know what to do, today has been awful my boyfriends step mum and dad have been really off with me lately because I don't have a job they've told him I'm not good enough and I hold him back. My boyfriend doesn't think this at all as you all can imagine I feel guilty myself with my illness not being good enough so iv gave him numerous times to leave if he wants and he's stood by me.

Today it has all kicked off my boyfriends stepmum rang him today saying how I live in her house rent free I would like to point out my boyfriend pays enough rent for the both of us as we're at my mums house 2 weeks out of the month and his house the other 2 weeks. She says I should do all the housework as I don't work, I do as much as I can but I can hardly clean because of the pain and my back I just make myself worse. I feel bullied into cleaning the house, I don't know what to do they just don't get I'm poorly I'm not making up being in pain. Sorry for rant I just don't know what to do :(

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Could you go back to your mum's?

This woman is a bully x


What a horrible situation you are in :( it's good that you have the support of your boyfriend - that's what being a couple is all about, sticking together! It must be so hard but all you can do is accept that she just doesn't understand - could you stay at your mums more? Getting some space away from her sounds like a good thing... I'm sure once you are both there less, your boyfriends dad will have something to say about it!

Best of luck x


I'm not sure if she would take notice but you could leave some of this info around the house. x


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It may be that this is just not a good time for you to be living partly at their house. I know that you're poorly and can't do much but I can understand their point of view. If I were you I would not spend so much time at their house until I was in a position to contribute in the way that they would like, and I would be planning to get a place independently. TBH if you persist in staying there when they've clearly said they're unhappy with it, it is only going to create a tense and stressful situation which is something you don't need when you're trying to deal with this disease.


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