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Bgse communication or lack of

Has anyone else experienced poor communication from bgse centres. It takes 4-6 weeks after the written date to receive letters which has delayed treatment with gp. Aso they haven't bothered to tell the other hospital they referred me to for a aren't that there had been a change of plan I. E no endo surgery. I've had to to tell them and send a copy of the letter from bgse consultant to them as it affects what happens next with the stent. Back in 2009 it took 3 months to get mri results from the now bgse centre, at the time it was just an endocentre. And then the gp could only tell me it was on the left side as no accompanying notes.in 8 years things don't seem to have improved much. Has anyone else had this. It seem the letters are done and sit around in the hospital for a few weeks before getting sent out. 😞

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Can you maybe try contacting the hopsital yourself? When I didn't get a response for a referral I called my gp referral desk then the clinic itself.

It took a lot of negotiating but after a week everything was sorted.


Thanks. I've already had the referral and 1 op for a stent now waiting for another. I am constantly chasing the bgse and passing info onto to the places as the bgse doesn't bother when other places need to know.

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I have found that mine is useless when it comes to dealing with outpatient stuff. I have had to chase absolutely everything. They gave me a number for the nurse specialist, but when you ring it you have to leave a message and it takes weeks for them to call back, which is useless when your drugs are failing and you need advice there and then. I have stuck with them because the surgeon is excellent, but I've had to work for absolutely everything else. Surgery dates, paperwork, organizing drugs, appointments. Nightmare.

It's worth contacting PALS at the hospital and asking them to push things along - I have found this to be helpful.


Thanks. Already contacted pals for 2 other hospitals I'm dealing with. You'd think that if they communicated more efficientlying and effectively our treatment would be quicker and their costs reduced as they wouldn't waste time dealing with us chasing them all the time.


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