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Hey I'm new to this group. I've suffered from horrendous period pain from the day I started my period at 13yrs old, having to have a day off school every month. Eventually I got put on the pill, which was brilliant it took all my pain away! I'm now 37 and married, naturally wanting a family. I came offthe pill 4 yrs ago and immediately the pain of period came back. Only now the pain lasts up to 3 days, 3 days off from work for period pain? I was prescribed mefenamic acid which worked to start with but now is useless. We have un explained infertility and have had all the tests which show we are both in working order! I've been referred to 2 different hospitals who both say I don't meet the endometriosis criteria, and that I'm just unfortunate to suffer. They won't perform a laparoscopy because I am over weight. I don't believe there is nothing wrong, I know my body and know something is not right, the pain I suffer every month is ridiculous and now really starting to get to me. I'm at a loss of where and what to do next?! I'm currently on my third day off in a row from work because of period pain! It's just crazy!!

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Did they say what they meant by not meeting the endometriosis criteria? I've never heard that before.


Hey. I think it's cos I don't have heavy periods and pain during sex , that I don't meet the criteria. I'm just so fed up of not being listened too and fobed off with loose weight. I understand there are risks with surgery being overweight but I'm not huge!! I feel like I keep going back and am just not being listened to , it's not normal the pain I go through every month and I feel pathetic having to have time off for period pain. I've suffered from the day I started my periods, it's not right x


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