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Horrible periods since 13,headahes and vomiting as welll as bleeding for 2-3 weeks at a time, they put me on birth control to try and "help"

hey there, I just turned 27 years old and have finally been diagnosed with endometriosis, after a year of intense symptoms and years of cyst rupures and painful loooooooooooong periods ive finally gotten an answer, a depressing one but an answer at that, my question is they did a diagnostic laproscopy and found it on my right ovary and cervix lining....also found a large cyst and drained it....im 2 and a half weeks post op and still sore bloated, and exhausted...is this normal? im so scared ill never conceieve because its good chances I'm infertile, only been pregnant one time and miscarried..ughh, its nice to have a group of ladies that understand to vent and talk to...hellllpppp!!! God Bless <3

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Are you in the UK? It makes a difference as to what steps we can suggest you follow next. The recovery from laps varies hugely, and it depends how much they did. However, you almost certainly need to go back to your GP to ask what happens next.

Did they remove any endo, and/or have they made any suggestions for future treatment ? Try to get hold of a copy of your notes - in the UK they should send you a full copy, or ask at your GP's reception - and then maybe talk to the trained advisors at 'Endo Uk' : link to their site at the top of this page, for email and phone details. If the surgeons have 'staged' your endo (ie 1-4), then this suggests the next step. In the UK, if the endo is appropriate, your GP should know to refer you to 'Specialist Endo' BSGE centres for further treatment. You can find more info on this, from 'Endo UK', or from reading and searching on here, or I would check the posts by 'Lindle' - who knows so much about endo - and checkout her Facebook page.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for your reply, I am actually in the US, he wanted to do the Lupron treatment, but wants to wait and see if this new bc can help it clear up a little for a little while, it was diagnostic so he didn't remove anything, he only touched the cyst because it was large. I wish I was in the UK, sounds like they are a lot more thourough with this process...im just still in so much pain, waitressing doesn't help I'm sure, but today it feels like my vagina muscle has been pulled or something and is uncomfortable to climb stairs or walk around very much...this is shitty!! I definitely will check out those posts, thank you so much!!!


Believe me, they are not necessarily thorough. It depends if you are lucky enough to know the right route that the GP is supposed to send you along. Also loads of women in the UK are messed around for ages, before they get any treatment. That's why sites like this are so good. I hope all goes well ... meanwhile, I still recommend you check out Lindle's posts and her Facebook page. Take care.


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