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Twisted Pelvis due to endo flare up ?!

Ive been in agony with my pelvis & hips and unable to sleep due to the pain & stiffness . It got so bad i could bearly function so in desperation went to my Osteopath as i thought it was my RA flaring up for him to tell me its my gynea issues & the inflammation in my pelvis actually twisting my pelvis & hips out of alignment. I had a Reumatolgy appointment also & he said exactly the same !!!

The Osteopath is treating it to put the pelvis back in place & pelvic floor to relax but he says until i get the gynea issues treated its an ongoing issue.

This is new to me !

Anyone else suffer with it wuth gynea problems ?

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It's possible, after puberty I developed a thoracic curve of my spine (scoliosis) when I went to a pain management clinic the phyaiotheprist examined me there and thought I had 2 curves in my spine and was asking when I last got an x-ray because it was so odd that I never had them before. My right Fallopian tube also sticks out in my abdomen according to my physiotherapist.

Also if you like me you might tend to curl up in a ball while tilting to one side, I like to call it the awkward pain free pose. After a while your body can get used to this and it can cause misalignment.

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Arhhh thank u for replying Hannah !!! So im not alone with this then

Hope you've been given the right treatment to help


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I've been doing yoga, physiotherapy and am awaiting a laproscopy.

Try cat-cow it's really good for stretching and strength


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