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Self diagnosis of Endometriosis, waiting to see Dr, just been told I have a prolapse too!


For years now I have put up with pain. I've been told it's IBS, then got put on the pill which I hate and really don't get on well with at all. Put it this way, I have panic attacks and depression on the pill, lose who I am. But I did it out of a step of faith. Had to come off it as was so ill. Then they gave me a scan and found polyps said that's what was causing the heavy bleeding and anemia. I had them removed eight years ago. After them being removed I thought I would no longer be in pain. But I starred having pain as soon as my period finish and kept getting what felt like cystitis or a water infection. So I kept being tested for it but nothing showed up. I continue to get these symptoms alongside awful pain in my pelvic area and bladder, my bladder feels full quickly and it's very painful to hold and water. I can hold on for half and hour but that's it. Then comes ovulation time, again I'm in terrible pain. I also get lower back pain and my stomach swells. In fact I'm going through it now which I how I ended up on here. Went for a smear recently and the nurse couldn't find my cervix, turns out I have a prolapse covering it. Oh happy days!

So despite the prolapse I'm questioning if I have endometriosis and if when I had the polyps removed I was left with scar tissue. Also think I'm perimenopausal, in fact I'm sure I am. Anyone else experienced anything like myself? I'm so tried all the time too, it's ridiculous. I ran my first Maraton for charity in October last year. Don't know how I did it feeling so fatigued all the time.

Thanks for taking the time to read


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Hi! Are going for a Laporoscopy? I had really similar symptoms (pain) but I have never had gynaecological issues before. Finally after 5 years of battle I had a Laporoscopy and they found something - possibly endo - waiting for the results!

Before someone adviced me to go for an excision surgery in case of endometriosis! That gives the best result!

(I am just under my recovery after the laporoscopy)



Aww poor you, I feel for you.

I don't have some of the things you have but I have a sensitive stomach kinda like IBS and when I was diagnosed with endo I found that that and IBS symptoms are linked, worth a thought. you dont' want too many things to deal with - sounds like a lot already


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