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Hey. I had a larascopry on Tuesday which is when they found the endometriosis. The doctor manged to get rid of them all and my fallopian tubes are working fine. I am just wondering what will happen next with my fertility. Will I be able to conceive as normal or will I still have problems. I don't have very regular periods, as anyone got any tips or advice. Thanks in advance

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If your tubes are ok you can produce eggs which is positive news. Everyone's Endo is different. Lots of people do conceive and have children but some women are affected, especially with more severe disease. Theres some information here from Endo uk



Also thinking of going on the pill to regulate my periods


It's probably a good idea to have some medication (contraceptive pill, Mirena etc) to try to stop reoccurrence of your endometriosis until you want to conceive. X


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