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Badly in need of advice

I would be so grateful if anyone can advise.

Six years ago I had a laparoscopy for endometriosis followed by induced menopause. Shortly afterwards, I became pregnant and developed mechanical instability in my pelvis. I was mainly in a wheelchair for a few years but am now so much better and able to walk - I have my life back. However, I can only do so much and have to be careful. There is arthritis at the front of the pelvis and it will always be very fragile.

I've always been terrified that the endometriosis would come back because I can't contemplate having a laparoscopy and possibly ending up back at square one, back in a wheelchair. I was almost suicidal before.

I've been experiencing sudden nausea during menstruation for the last three cycles. It has got worse and on this cycle has lasted for a week. Alongside that, I have had lower abdominal pain that set in at the tail end of bleeding and, two days later, is still going. The pain is a dull ache that radiates outwards through my right hip and down my leg. It feels like the pelvic girdle pain during pregnancy felt.

I don't know what to make of the nausea and post-period pain. It feels like something is getting worse quite quickly, but what is happening? Also does anyone know of a consultant who specialises in treating both endometriosis and mechanical instability? Most gyne consultants I've come across don't know much about pregnancy-induced pelvic instability as a long-term condition and I'm afraid they would carry out a laparoscopy without believing that it could leave me in chronic pain.

Thank you so very much to anyone who can help.

Pregnancy test was negative, by the way.

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My dear ,

I'm so sorry to hear about all that the monstrous disease of endo has caused you .

It is the most cruel of diseases it seems to me.

Not usually deadly but makes you feel like you were dying .

And with no answers coming forth it seems.

An endless journey.

But most all have survived with great courage and faith .

Some days are even pain free.

And on the pain days you must try to think it won't be this way every day forever .

We fall down

We get up

We fall down and we get up again

I pray for an end to this cruel disease for women everywhere

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Thank you for this lovely reply Shelley. I join with you in that prayer for freedom from pain and illness :) xxxxx

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