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Appt at BSGE centre yesterday

Had my follow up at my bsge centre yesterday so I could consent for my next surgery. Sadly it was a pretty rubbish experience and I'm still feeling a bit battered by it today :/ They were running late and I had to wait nearly 2 hours to be seen and was then seen by a registrar that I'd never met before. She didn't really seem to understand why I was there so I had to explain everything. She must have barely skimmed through my notes because she didn't have much idea about my bladder endo and when I went through my list of questions, she couldn't answer half of them. Seems pretty crappy to bring someone in to consent for a hysterectomy and then put them in with a registrar :(

She then made a fuss about taking me off cerazette and putting me on prostap, something they had repeatedly told me I would have to have before the second surgery but then kept delaying and delaying. They'd told me I could start it on the 6th of Jan, but then rang and said I had to wait for the clinic appt yesterday and it would be done then. When I asked her about it, assuming I would be having it, she told me I would need another clinic appt for it and got difficult, telling me they didn't have it in the clinic and what did I want her to do. I got a bit upset (and a bit rude as I pointed out that it is a hospital with a pharmacy and she should just go and get some and do it) because I've had an absolute nightmare with the cerazette and I had managed to get into London with a massive pain flare up and upset stomach. So she then had to get the consultant to come and answer all the questions she couldn't answer and one of the nurses gave me the prostap with no fuss at all.

They consented me for the surgery and it's only 10 more weeks to wait, I just feel so worn out and embarrassed after the appointment and upset that I lost my temper :/

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Please don't beat yourself up for losing your temper! I'm sure we've all lost our temper or got upset at certain points of dealing with this and regretted it after, but we're dealing with such a lot so it's perfectly understandable. Try not to be hard on yourself about it. It sounds like you said what needed to be said! 👍🏻😊


Agree that you had every to get upset and say something when you were being treated like that.

What worries me is that it seems unless we get upset or throw a wobbly they never do what we want. Somehow it seems the only way to make them realise how bad things are and what we need.

Be kind to yourself now and know that you are going to get the help you need and it's only a little longer to keep fighting for.


Be kind to yourself - it's only natural to lose your patience and temper when we have to fight so hard to get the help that we need.

I hate it when you sit opposite the doctor/nurse/consultant and they clearly haven't read any of your notes before you walking into the room and you have explain your full history and why you are there today and what help you want from them today.

Take care of yourself and stay strong xx


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