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Endo & Painful Bladder Syndrome

Has anyone else experienced these two painful syndromes together? I'm really struggling when I have flare ups with can be triggered by anything I also have ibs which means I'm never pain free. Currently I'm on pregablin but this doesn't help flare up pain just. Underlying pain. Has anyone got any ideas which pain relief is affective? I've tried most things but starting to get desperate as unable to increase pregablin due to side affects! Help :(

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With painful bladder syndrome it's recommended not to eat acidic foods, however acidic foods also have anti-inflammatory benefits for endo.

Turmeric and ginger are good for pain relief and inflamation and aren't acidic, ginger is good for IBS too.


I have bladder interstitial cystitis, not sure if that's the same as the syndrome but I use anti histamines to reduce flare ups and the also are anti inflammatory. Perhaps something to check out with your GP


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