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Hi. I had a ultrasound last week and was told today I have polycystic overies but nothing to worry about. I need to go back to the doctors anyway so he said they can go through everything in more detail. I'm just so confused about these! I had a scan about 3 years ago and they were suspected then but my bloods were normal. I was diagnosed with endo in October. Is it common to have polycystic overies and endo? Do the cysts just go on there own? Thanks for your help x

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I personally have both endo and PCOS. I am not sure about how commonly they occur together. PCOS cysts come and go. Endomitromas will just continue to get bigger. There are actually a handful of ovarian cyst types you could research up on. I would also do some research on PCOS If I were you. PCOS itself isn't all that troublesome, because it has different symptoms for everyone. But it can lead to things like infertility and type 2 diabetes, amongst other things. Best to become acquainted and start taking care of your body in regards to PCOS to reduce future complications. Let me know if you have questions.



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