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New Year,... want to do a little volunteering?

Would you like to get involved in volunteering with us? We are currently recruiting for Health Unlocked Forum Moderators, Helpline operators and Support Group Leaders in specific locations. If you are interested do please read on as we have several positions available. Full training will be given and further information is available on the following link:


Make a difference to the lives of women in the UK who suffer from endometriosis - volunteer for Endometriosis UK.

Join our Support Network

Our volunteers are at the core of our organisation. They make up our Support Network, which allows us to reach and make a difference to women struggling with the effect endometriosis has on their lives. Without our Support Network volunteers, we would be unable to reach the thousands of women who rely on us for support and information.

If you are wondering about what to give us for a Christmas present, we would very much like your time!

Below are the roles that we are currently recruiting for. Telephone interviews will be taking place on 13th and 16th January 2017, with the training day taking place in London on 28th January 2017.

Please submit all applications by Thursday 5th January 2017.

Join the Helpline Team

We are currently recruiting for much needed volunteers on our helpline to provide support and a listening ear to women who desperately need it. With your help, we can have the helpline open for more hours per week, so more women can access this invaluable service. Please click the above link to find out more.

Run a Local Support Group

Provide vital one to one support and information for women with endometriosis. Click through to see whereabouts we are recruiting for Support Group Leaders.

Become a Health Unlocked Moderator

We are looking for new volunteer Health Unlocked Moderators. Health Unlocked is an online support and discussion forum for anyone affected by endometriosis.

Endometriosis UK

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Dates are old ones, all of them in term of 2016.


Oops well spotted, I have now corrected the typo, you would make a great moderator :-)


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