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Getting Decent Medical Help


I'm new here and don't yet have a formal diagnosis of endometriosis.

My symptoms started after laperoscopic surgery for a ruptred ectopic pregnancy three years ago. This was the second rutured ectopic in two years and I had no problems at all after the first surgery other than pain and inflamation for the first month. I know they removed scar tissue during from the first ectopic during the second operation. Prior to this I barely noticed my periods.

Symptoms include excruciating, contraction like pains during my period which radiates down my legs and into my back. I can only liken it to being in labour at about 6/7cm dialated. Vomitting during my period, sweating profusely and shaking and feeling as though I'm going to pass out (haven't yet luckily). My digestive system is also affected and it feels like someone has blown up the whole of my large intestine which comes with a tearing type of pain. There's the same pain just above my pubic bone when I pee and going to the loo in any form is incredibly painful. The pain starts about five days before my period (which is very regular) and I also get cramps halfway through the month although they are much less severe.

The reason I don't think it is simply down to scar tissue is the involvement of my digestive system. I don't have any problems with this at any other time of the month.

I have been to the doctor once and other than writing a prescription for Mefanamic, she wasn't interested. I should add at this point that I have zero faith in conventional medicine and am very reluctant to visit a gynacologist at my local hospital after my experience with the second ectopic - they kept me in for ten days prior to confirming ectopic pregnancy for observation but repeatedly told me that I was being neurotic and that it was because I had had a previous issue that I was being hypersensitive. The clinical lead was brutal and totally unsensitive and none of their scans showed anything ( I had four) until I had a litre and a half of blood in my abdomen so I don't have much faith in the efficacy of ultrasounds either.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to access decent medical care where they have an understanding of this kind of thing? I'd also like to know if anyone has experience of pelvic surgery triggering endometriosis or anything similar as I know things are a little more confused in my case because of the scar tissue etc. I'd really appreciate hearing your thoughts. Thanks for reading, Helen

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Hi Helen, if you're in the UK there are BSGE specialist centres for endo with advanced skills surgeons which your GP can refer you to.

You can also opt to travel to a particular centre if you hear good reports of a particular specialist (we are asked not to discuss individuals here but it is done on the fb group)


Hope this helps

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Thanks so much Starry. I am in the UK so that's encouraging. I'll pop over to the Facebook page in a wee while.

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