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Starting BC after endometriosis excision surgery

Hi everyone! I had endometriosis excision surgery six weeks ago from today. I'm still not close to 100% at all, but I'm definitely on the road to recovery (seems like each week is 2 steps fwd, one step back).

My gyno (who works with a lot of endo) and my surgeon both decided I should be on loseasonique birth control. I'm 32, it's my first time taking BC, and I'm definitely willing to do what is suggested. My obgyn prescribed it for me last week while I was mid cycle and told me to start that Sunday bc I was in pain and he wanted to start suppressing me immediately. Wit LS, you only a period everything three months. My physical PMS symptoms were already so bad that I decided to stop taking the pill after three days and let my period come as schedule in abt 5-9 days.

I told my obgyn, and he said he wished I didn't just stop but since I did, to wait until I get my period and start that following Sunday.

My questions if anyone can help!:

1. Will taking the pill for three days and stopping mess me up and delay my period?

2. Is waiting two months after endo surgery very late to start BC?

I appreciate all your answers. This has been a nerve wrecking experience overall...I'm sure you all understand :)

Thank you everyone!

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