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Has anyone had just one ovary removed?



So I was just wondering if someone could answer some of my questions. When I was 7 I had my appendix removed along with my right ovary, I'm 16 now and even though I'm still young it was just dawning on me about having children with just one ovary. Would they suffer anything and would I be more open to having more miscarriages.

I know it's weird I'm asking these at a young age and no I'm not looking to have kids now obviously but it was just something that I have wondered.

If anyone has the answers to my questions please let me know, thankyou x

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I had my right ovary removed after a cyst completely suffocated it. I have had normal for me periods (very heavy and clots)

I have endo, pcos and fibroids so fertility for me was a challenge but... I have a beautiful daughter. It took longer and I had to have hormones and was due to be having ivf before fining out I was pregnant. I also had a twin miscarriage.

But that doesn't mean you'll have the same journey. Don't worry about it now. Enjoy your life, go see the world.

Take care

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Sorry to hear about your miscarriage but congratulations on having your baby girl, thankyou for answering my question and I will do x

Each month one overy releases eggs so with just o e overy you should still ovulate every other month, si unless you have other issue to wards the other o very you should be fine,

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