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My experience

My GP for 7years kept diagnosising me with either a bladder or kidney infection..about 6-7 times a year...baring in mind I was 11 at the start of it..so it was t healthy for one to have that many "infections" and two antibiotics that many times

About 8months ago it all of a sudden it me...for 8months i was in bed, the pain the unbearable, couldn't sleep, didn't want to eat ( my bmi is now low)

I started seeing a different GP, the second time I saw her she mentioned endometriosis to me...and of course I had no clue what It is, so went home and looked it up (I now know why people say don't look up symptoms online)

I had so many blood and urine tests, two ultrasounds and saw a gynaecologist (who was amazing, would recommend her to everyone)

I had a laparoscopy..they found 4losts of endometriosis, took it away and had a coil fitted.

Can honestly say that pain I had for 7years has gone! I actually feel human again...apart from I'm still very sore and uncomfortable from the operation.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel! Just don't give up and keep fighting.

feel free to message me if there's any questions

Emma xox

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So glad to hear your positive story and to hear you are finally pain free. X

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