Wandering Mirena?

I had a mirena fitted during my Lap, 6 weeks ago... have been having horrible pain and persistent bleeding since then and not at all felt good. Today I went to have the strings checked and my doctor couldn't find them!! She's referred me for an ultrasound to see if it's still in place or if it's 'migrated'

Obviously I'm concerned, my doctor said not to worry until I've had the ultrasound... is anyone in a similar situation or has had the same thing?!! Help put my worried little head at ease!!!

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  • I am not sure I've heard of the same thing but my mirena was a pain in the bum. Or a pain in the hoo-ha rather! As soon as they find it I would recommend having it taken out because that helped me a lot with the pain Xxx

  • Hi. I could of written this post! Had my lap and mirena 5 weeks ago. Went to get it checked by a nurse at my doctors surgery today. No strings! I now have to wait to see a doc next week to find out what's next. I'm not too worried as the coil is for symptom control only as I've been sterilised but can imagine more of an issue if it's for contraception.

    I had really bad cramping after insertion which has returned with back ache, bleeding and pressure down below over the past few days. Keep us posted how you get on hopefully for both of us the coil is in place just the strings are too high. Good luck.

  • She didn't seem too concerned but did really want to make sure! I hope it's still in place! More than anything I want to stop feeling so rotten! Hopefully we'll both get to the bottoms of this!!

  • I've heard that the strings can sort of curl in on themselves and be more difficult to locate as a result. The Mirena itself may still be well positioned X

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