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Tomorrow laparoscopy and cystoscopy

I'm having my operation tomorrow, got to be in the hospital and 7am, I am not a morning person lol, going to be a struggle for me.

I'm very nervous, I sort of no what's going to happen. I know there's a chance I'll have to stay in, but I don't no as when I went to have my pre op, the nurse was asking me if I know weather I'll be kept in....so I'll just have to wait and see.

Is there any advice or questions I should ask tomorrow? Or anything I should know?

Emma xox

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Hi Emma

I would advise that you don't rush home, stay in as long as possible. Also, they didn't tell me as to how sore I'd feel after! I was surprised, you'll need at least 1 week recovery. Day 4 you'll start to feel Normal again. I've recently had a laproscopy. Just rest and make sure you have someone at home to care for you as you'll need them. Let me know how you get on would be interested in your story and experience xx

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Thank you :) and yes defo will x


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