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Adhesions but no endo?

Hello all,

Had my first lap yesterday after years of pain and infertility. Was diagnosed with ibs in my 20s after multiple a&he visits with suspected appendicitis (it was never removed), then later with unexplained infertility after no problems found. I pushed for a lap and had it done yesterday.

Still waiting for proper follow up but consultant said there were loads of adesions, bowel, appendix, ovary, tube all stuck to pelvic wall. Tube completely stuck at the ovary end, and totally blocked because of that. He managed to partially free the ovary but nothing else.

Anyway, he said he found no endo. Has sent adhesion off for biopsy, but wondering if this happened to anyone else, was it in fact endo? What else would cause it?

Thanks in advance

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Adhesions don't come from no where. A lot of gynaes take adhesion biopsies without realising that if they are caused by endo then that will be hidden beneath the adhesions. If you are in the UK you need referring to a BSGE accredited endo centre for more thorough evaluation.

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is it possible to get a referral to BSGE if surgeon found no endo during the lap? have read more into it, and he's a general gynae for sub fertility issues, and not an endo specialist... is my best bet to pay for private appt with a specialist? not sure if it's more or less indicative of endo, but having looked at the operation report they found "flimsy adhesions" in the Pouch of Douglas too... Thanks for taking the time to respond and read this, it's much appreciated x


Adhesions can sometimes be caused by surgery, infections or trauma from what I've read. Have you ever had surgery on your abdomen before?


No never had surgery. But was in and out of hospital a lot for a while with suspected appendicitis. Scans showed nothing wrong though. Was diagnosed with IBS. But never had anything else. Always had lots of pelvic pain and painful periods, which coupled with infertility made me think endo


It may be endo related especially when you've got the other symptoms, just that it is in places that could not easily be seen via lap. Also apparently some gynaecologists are not good at recognising less common presentations of endo - I've heard some spots can be black/ red but there can be clear or white patches that aren't always recognised as endo. I had endo in my pelvic cavity but also had many admoninal wall/ bowel etc adhesions


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