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Diagnostic lap in 2 days

Hi everyone so the moment Iv been waiting for, for years will be here in 2 days as I mentioned in a previous post at my pre op they told me they would be looking around my womb. How can I ask them to look around my bladder and everywhere else? Should they look further and can they say no if I ask them to look around my bladder etc? I'm nervous they will miss something and I'm not sure what to ask them. So if anyone has any info i would be so greatful.

Thank you xx

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Lap tomorrow please help


Just ask and see I guess. I actually asked if they would check the GI tract, he said no but when I had my follow up he said he checked right up to my diaphragm! (He had found a long adhesion on my bowel and abdominal wall so had no choice really to check right up there). So even if they say they won't check it, they may do if it becomes obvious it's affected


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