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Feel like giving up

So goes to my last lap I was told there was no endo there I was in agony with my endo pain literally the next day I didn't feel like they looked properly as I the 1St lap I had I felt much different afterwards and this time it didn't even feel.like they even had a look, so I saw my gyne for my post op and he wasn't bothered about checking my scars and he wasn't bothered about me, he discharged me without hearing me out, you see I had only just come of my prostap injection a month before and was still awaiting a period, so gyne discharges.me and tells me ita bowel problems ibs and all that rubish I go to see the bowel guy and he said it has nothing to do with my bowels at All and he is Discusted in how fast they discharged me and how they was with me, so I am now awaiting a colonoscapy so the bowel guy can say you have waisted mine and her time, i Wentworth go see my doctor and she was going to refer me to gyne, and I said I don't want to go there I want to see a endo specialist because I am finding it so hard atm to keep ittogether ny pains getting worse it's all timw and even worse on periods I just want to be okay I would never wish this upon anyone in the world

Thankyou to anyone you takes the time to read my rant

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I know how you feel being passed around like pass the parcel !

I'm the same I got discharged two years ago because consultant didn't find anything even though previous lap showed endometriosis everywhere. Well if it's gone why am I now in so much pain ?! Waiting to see another gynae consultant but it's going to be a while 😥

So rant away !


yeah i know how you feel my situation very similar I feel sooo ill today hugs xxx


Yes, I would definitely insist on seeing an endo specialist gynae at a BSGE centre who can excise the endo. I have seen both a general gynae and endo specialist and the latter was able to treat me so much better. The general gynae did a major op called a laparotomy and only ablated my endo whereas the endo specialist could do a laparoscopy and excised the endo. I am sorry to hear the trouble you have been having. Stick with it and be determined to see someone who can treat you appropriately as it will all be worth it in the end. If you need to, see another doctor who will refer you to the right place and even write a letter to your surgery explaining the pain you have been in and where you would like to be referred. I would also keep a pain and symptom diary to keep as evidence to show the endo specialist. I hope you get the treatment you need and this helpsx


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