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Do i take these tablets

hi all

went to the gynaecologist that specialists in urine yesterday. He asked me what I think is wrong with me and I told him he said that he doesn't think I do as you usually get.diagnosed when your 30 onwards. He gave me some tablets to take that are for over active bladder I have to take them for 2months then go back. However when reading the leaflet inside the box of tablets it says do not use if you get pain when urine which I do also the side affects cause constipation which I already get quite bad!! Can get blu vision and dizziness and make feel drowsy. Not sure weather to take them as don't want to be off sick. Also he said he may consider laposcopy if I want but I'm worried that because I've been taking my pill for 4and a half years that it wont be that bad when he goes to look is it worth coming off my pill?

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