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Need some quick advice

So the past week ive been in and out of hospital with horrendous pain in my pelvis and ive been feeling rotten with night sweats, freezing cold at all other times and general yuck feeling. Was told i have loads of cysts on my left ovary so probably that causing the pain. Today im in more pain, pelvis, back, legs. This is worse pain than i usually feel, i do have bad period pains and really heavy and prolonged periods. Plus im not bleeding (which is a miracle in itself!!) Going back to doctor today, what can i ask them to do?? Can they do a quick referral to gynae? Im having time off work that we cant really afford so i need something done asap!!

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You can try. But an appt with a gynae worth seeing - BsGe one will take time.

Whilst you wait for that to see if they can confirm endo (you don't say if you've had diagnosis or not yet) then get some powerful pain meds from GP to help you manage. I'm on tramadol. And take 4x50mg a day every day to keep pain manageable. Not everyone can tolerate it but maybe worth a try. Others are on codeine that can help too.

Good luck and hope you get some relief soon

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