scared and confused!?

hi all, im under investigation for endo and finished prostap sr a couple of months ago, within the first week of treatment my bladder was incredibly painful when i wee'd with no uti, the pain is back 10x more and i was rushed to hospital again no infection. Can anyone shed any light ontoy situation, you all have horrible symptoms and i feel for you all,

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  • for me it felt like ilI was being stabbed with 10 razor sharp knives either side of my tummy

  • might be ovary pain? sounds horrific x

  • I had a very similar experience with prostap, mine was more so after i finished urinating id get the pain which made me think the prostap was stopping certain hormones from protecting the area and thinning it. After i stopped prostap the pain went away. Maybe HrT would help ?

  • thankyou, that would make sense its worst after i use tho loo, going for no. 2 is a stabby pain, unfortunately i stopped prostap a few months ago, tryig to get lap moved closer, hope your ok thanks for the reply! x

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