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Feeling lost will I ever get answers???


Please help me I feel like I've been going in circles for 10yrs now and the doctors don't seem to tell me anything that is going to help so I have the surgery 4x after the 3rd surgery I put on clomid to try and get pregnant my husband and I have been trying for 11yrs and 3mc that I know so that's what we wanted was to have a family so that's where the clomid came into play my doc wanted me to get pg and the clomid was a more then a complete fail I ended up having another another surgery to get golf ball size cyst removed off of both ovaries and he might not be able to save my ovaries fortunately he was able to remove them but he was stunned to see I had endometriosis everywhere inside of me and stage 4 after he was totally shocked it was that bad because I had just had a lap done like 5-6months earlier....so the conclusion was the clomid made everything worse now here it is 2-3 yrs later still dealing with horrible pain still no babies and I finally went and got a new doc. Because I felt like I was getting no where so just this week I had an ultrasound done to see why I was in the pain I was in to see in there where any cyst and to ck my endometrial lining the very next morning I woke up in so much pain I ended up going to the hospital and they did a CT scan with contrast and found fluid surrounding both ovaries so they assumed and I had cyst that had ruptured well the doc. Called back today and said us looked good so then asked y wld there be fluid Surrounding my ovaries if there where no cyst and she said most likely could be ovulation well I'm about 5days from my period and I know when I ovulate and that wasn't it so now there going to do another due test but inject it into my uterus to see my tubes and everything else am I doomed forever to not ever get answers has anyone else went thru all this and had a good outcome please let me know feeling like all hope is lost in being a Mommy and not being in pain everyday!

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