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Bleeding from bottom (endometriosis)


I have known I have endometriosis for a year now. I manage the pain and work full time regardless of the fatigue. I'm doing ok. My CA125 has dropped from the 100s to 55, that is a relief. The breast and back pain can get me down but I accept this is me. The thing that is worrying me though is bleeding from my bottom. Every month I bleed a lot and sometimes have tiny black clots (so sorry for tmi). I told my consultant (the third one I have seen in a year) and she said that is to do with my condition. My periods were every 28 days but lately they have arrived every 21 to 25 days, the bleeding from the bottom is the first sign my period is arriving. Every time it happens I feel frightened and shake. I'm not sure I accept this part of my endo. I'm told I have adenomyosis too. I have not had surgery, only internal scans have shown the endometrioma, fibroids and adenomyosis.

Is there anybody out there with similar symptoms please?

I'm taking the day off work to catch up on my housework but my boobs are hurting so I'm having a little rest and thought I would pop by.....


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Hi Sharon - I just wanted to ask you about your CA125 levels as this is the first post I've seen on here about this. I am waiting for a lap to diagnose Endo but I am worried as my CA125 levels were 180 and I was told average count should be around 30 this can be signs of cancer or a tumor as well as endo I just wondered what explanations you had been given for such a high reading ?? Thanks


Hi Geordie.

I was the same this time last year worried sick about CA125. Endometriosis is the cause of my elevated result. Try not to worry. I was so stressed this time last year as it frightened me and I kept googling it. Don't google.

Take care x



I have the same symptom and had a sigmoidoscopy which found nothing. I then had a lap which found endo on my left uterosacral ligament and ureter, and adenomyosis. I was told this explains the bleeding from the bowel but am not entirely sure about the mechanics of how. Everything's so close to everything else down there I suppose it's all bound to impact on other areas. Anyway, it's certainly part of the conditions and nothing more sinister, which is of course the first thought that pops into your head when you see the blood from there.

Hope that's a bit reassuring. Are they suggesting any treatment? I'm awaiting a total hysterectomy and excision of the endo.


Thanks lady77. Not sure if they are going to do anything. It is reassuring to know I'm not alone though. Thanks x


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