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Why does my period hurt so much?


Hi everyone,

I'm looking for some possible ideas on what my problem might be and how I should go about getting treatment for it. I started having a period a few weeks after my 14th birthday and never had significant problems with it. I'd get lower back pain every month, but nothing that significantly affected my life, and I usually didn't have to take pain meds for it. This summer I turned 21, and a few weeks after that birthday (in July) I got a demon period like nothing I'd ever experienced before.

It had me in so much pain I could barely move without tearing up (even with max dose Advil and Midol that I alternated every 3 hours), and I was so queasy I could barely keep any type of food down no matter how bland I tried to make it. I was told that it was "normal" for hormones to shift around my age and that it was nothing to be concerned about to have one painful period. The next month the pain was worse than /my/ normal but not as bad as July, but I again puked up anything I tried to eat, so I went to a doctor and she put me on an extremely low dose of hormonal birth control (MonoNessa 28S). The following month the demon period came back in all its vengeance and had me in bed all weekend, unable to keep any food down. Last month I was functional. This month it again has me in so much pain I can barely function even though I'm taking max dose meds, and I can barely keep any food down.

Could this be endo? I'm just confused as to why I went from 7 years of being okay to having incapacitating pain. It doesn't seem like a "normal" hormonal shift, and I'm getting a little frustrated that no one seems to be taking it serious. I've got a high pain tolerance, so my general approach is to just hide the pain and act as normally as possible -- but this pain is something I can't hide and can't function with.

If it's relevant I had my gallbladder removed June 2015 (and this pain hurts just about as much as that surgery did), and I also have exercise-induced asthma. Any insights you all might have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Reading your post, has pretty much, completely summed up me right up! I too was find with my periods and the odd period pain until in 2011 it all changed and I had constant period pain and heavy periods, and I went to see the doctor and then another till I got taken serious, then in Aug 2015 I had a Laparoscopy which told me I had endometriosis! And since then I have been on Mefenamic Acid, but recently it's done bugger all! I suggest you go and see a GP preferably one which specialists in Women's Health!

Good luck and if you need to speak to someone, feel free to inbox me x

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