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Not many options

Hi went to see the consultant yesterday following my first laparoscopy. I have been diagnosed with stage 3 endometriosis affecting mainly my ovaries and bladder as well as kissing ovary syndrome. Im supprised at how few options there are iv been advised I can do nothing, have injections have another laproscay to clean up may bladder and eventually a hysterectomy. Can anyone give any advice about the injection or doing nothing


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Are you in the UK?




Then assuming this was a general gynaecologist I don't know why they say you have no other options. The only option is to refer you to a BSGE accredited endocentre as per the NHS contract for treatment of severe endo. Have a look at my post on the treatment pathway.


Hi Onlyhuman,

I was in the same situation as u few years back n I am back to square one again!

I had prostap injection few years back following my 2nd lap. It was a 3 month course. It was the most difficult 3 month I endured! I became a psychotic zombie n suffered the craziest side effects such as migraines, insomnia, fatigue, nausea, manic depression, hot flushes, restlessness, anxiety, mood swings, body aches, flu like symptoms! (These are just some of which I remember) My marriage of ten years came to an end n I was very suicidal! (attempted few times)

There was nothing the docs could do but prescribe me other meds to combat the side effects, put me on strong antidepressants n referred me to a psychotherapist for counselling.

I had to ride this hell out! I was in desperate help n at my mercy!

To my delight, 3 months was over n this nightmare came to an end!

I went back to see my consultant n she agreed we have to try something else. After discussing my options I decided to opt for the mirena coil as I didn't want my ovary taken out n had plans for a family in the future. The mirena along with other painkillers helped me cope with the pain for a while. After a year or two I could feel the pain started getting worse again n I got re-referred to gynae.

Currently, I am on a waiting list waiting for my 3rd lap. They recommend that if I would like a family this will be a good time to try after my lap. I am NOT READY for a baby but I feel the pressure from my consultant as shes worried that this is the 3rd lap im having and I've also had an emergency caesarean in the past. I have also recently been diagnosed with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) n EUPD (emotionally unstable personality disorder).

The other option for me is to have an hestroctomy n start hormone treatments if I decide not to have a baby. I feel very stressed n feel like everyone else is controlling n making decisions for my life! In other words I feel trapped n left without much options! 😪

I have not decided what to do yet, as I wait for my lap date.


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