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Chronic pain management during pregnancy

I think its absolutely disgusting that doctors leave you to suffer when your dealing with chronic pain during pregnancy!

I do not mean any disrespect by that to anyone who is having difficulties ttc. But how can a body going through horrendous pain, high stress levels from the pain, and depression be any good for a baby growing inside of you?! Because your pregnant your expected to suffer !! It absolutely infuriates me - they wouldn't even do that to an animal let alone a human being with a chronic illness!! What the hell are you supposed to do you haven't got a leg to stand on and its so wrong!!! 😠😠😠

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Its tough I know , but I think it's because there's not much pain medication they can take when pregnant other than paracetamol



It is a balance of risk between the impact of the drugs on your baby and the benefit of the drugs to you. There are many painkillers and antidepressants that can be taken in pregnancy if absolutely necessary. I assume you are booked under an obstetric consultant. Have you discussed this with them and looked at medications you were on pre-pregnancy to see which you could still be taking. Other than painkillers there is nothing they can do during pregnancy. Surgery would only be done as an emergency. I hope things settle down for you.


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