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first lap on friday, scared! what if they find nothing? could anyone answer a few questions?

Hi Guys,

I have my first lap on friday, which is to find out whether i have endo and remove at the same time.

To be honest im more worried they are gonna find nothing, as how does that explain everything i have?

also, do they tell you when you come out whether you have it straight away?


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Hello begart

I felt exactly like yourself worrying if they would even find anything.

I had my lap in July.

They found only minimal endo plus adhesions that were attached to my bowel and covered my left Ovary. They did remove all while I was under.... but my guess is depending on how bad you have it will depend if they will remove it or not. If it's bad they will probably ask you to have another op and not remove it. But if minimal like mine then they will continue to remove.

They will tell you when you come round from the op, but also remember you might be a little out of it due to the anaesthetic. So maybe best to take a pen and paper with you to write it down, or make sure someone is with you so they can listen for you.

Good luck for Friday. X

Hope this has helped. 😊



I've had to laps now 2 years apart and on my first lap I wasn't told my results until my post op follow up as they sent tissue samples off which confirmed endometriosis. But after my second one the surgeon told me in recovery I assume as they had already confirmed previous endometriosis cells were high had obviusly returned, which I believe is can be common.

Just to say even tho mine returned I still had a good year or so of less pain, which was lovely.

Good luck with op xx


I had my lap last week and I was worried about exactly the same thing! I was worried people would this I'm crazy if they didn't find anything. He did find endo though. He came in later on to tell me and also said he would write to me as i was very sleepy at the time and he said it's not fair for him to tell me all this when I won't remember. I'm still waiting for me letter though....not sure how long it will take. Good luck! Hope everything goes ok. X


Hi! I think it's normal to be worried. We spend our lives being told that how we feel is normal. I didn't believe there could be anything really that wrong, despite having problems for 26/27 years!! I felt like a fraud and was completely shocked when I was diagnosed with severe endo and a frozen pelvis.

My consultant came to see me a few hours later. I actually typed a message to my best friend immediately afterwards and I'm glad I did because I had forgotten the details a few days later. I also had a follow up with the consultant where he discussed things further and his secretary sent me copies of the pathology and operative reports.

Try not to worry, you'll soon be through and you'll know what's going on in there!!! X


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