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Any advice

Hi all..just looking for a bit of advice if possible...Il try to keep it short!

I had a cyst removed from my left ovary in may and surgeon confirmed endometriosis which she thought was mild (stage 1). She said there was some superficial adhesions on my bowel but nothing to be too concerned about.

Everything felt fine until about 6 weeks ago when I started to get the same pain/heavy feeling in my left side all the time which is why I went to my gp originally.

Iv been on cerazette since the surgery and it isn't working for me-I just have light bleeding all the time. The surgeon said to take it for 6 months and then I could continue or stop. My understanding was that taking some sort of hormone was best to stop anything new growing? She also said by taking it now it should get rid of the adhesions on my bowel-but from reading other posts I think it can't get rid of anything already there? I'd be happy to try a different pill if it kept everything under control and now wonder if it could even be the pill causing the pain I have now...

I have an appointment with my gp tomorrow-but just wanted to come armed with a bit more knowledge/advice as I'm worried the cyst could have come back already?!

Any advice would be great! Thanks :)

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Hey there - sorry you're having to go back so soon!

As far as I understand it all, there is no endo treatment that can guarantee that it won't grow back (yup, this disease is a #*^%#). Hormone treatment reduces the chances, but not to zero. Therefore if you think something's up you should push your GP for an investigation.

I also suffer from ovarian cysts and suggest you ask for a trans-vaginal ultrasound because that will show if any more cysts have grown (sidenote: this test cannot show everything in the abdominal area but is pretty great for seeing ovarian cysts). The NHS has given a bit more info in the link below.

This may be all too much for your GP - have you been discharged from the care of your hospital consultant? Probably best to go through them.

And, of course, make sure you're going to a BSGE centre.

I hope this has helped - good luck today xx



Thanks so much-my dr is going to rule out any sort of uti etc then send me off for scans. I asked for what you'd suggested but she said it would depend what kind of view they could get with a normal ultrasound if that would be necessary or not.

I did ask if she would refer me to a bsge centre though so hopefully she'll add that to my notes! I haven't seen my consultant since surgery just spoke to her on the phone so I'm not sure if gp will refer me to someone new or back to her-I'm happy to see someone new to be honest especially if they are more specialised!

Thanks for your advice, fingers crossed they get to the bottom of things! :)


Glad you've got a way forward!

It is possible that they can see through the abdomen with a normal ultrasound (I've also had that in the past), but the trans vaginal is more likely to give them a clearer picture and you're more likely to have a gynae specialist doing it.

Good luck x


Ah right thanks for the info! I wish I had some kind of medical background as it's so hard trying to figure out how everything works sometimes! Thanks again!xx


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