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Zoladex and endo pain???

Hi, I had a laparoscopy in June this year and was told I have stage 1 endometriosis on my left ovary, Fallopian tube & ligaments. I am in so much pain though!!! I was then put on Zoladex injections, had my second injection last week (as well as being put in HRT due to the horrible side-effects). The first month seemed to ease my symptoms a bit but now the pain seems to be back as normal. Worryingly I've been told that if Zoladex doesn't work then it's not endometriosis???? Got my 4th scan in a couple of weeks due to having cysts too. Feel like I'm back to square one now!!! Anyone else had a similar experience?

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Zoladex took 6 week before I felt better. By week 7 I felt much better. Then the third injection I felt great for 2 months. The hot flushes and migraines kicked in at 7 weeks for me but I wasn't given HRT until it was too late.


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