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Bsge referral request

My private doctor is refusing to refer me to a BSGE centre until he receives information on my previous lap with the NHS. I have been waiting for nearly 2 months now and I personally don't think this is necessary since I'm clearly still in pain and the endo hasn't gone anywhere. So why not just refer me? My NHS doctor won't refer me either since I've gone privately with this.

I've read a lot of information and it seems like the smartest route would be to go to a BSGE for a lap excision as opposed to it being removed by laser (which is what I had in April).

Im sick and tired of waiting around for something to happen so I want to write to my doctor but I'd really like to know exactly what procedure to ask for, who to ask for and any other information I could use to help support my referral since being in excruciating pain and off work for 2 months is clearly not enough.

So if anyone has any ideas (or if you've done the same what did you say?)

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Can you try self referral? You can contact the private consultant's PA regarding this.


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